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There are over 145,000 self-employed hospitality workers within the UK alone. Although working in this fashion is becoming increasingly popular as it allows employees to choose their own hours and lets the establishment increase or reduce the size of their staff as demand rises or falls, it does come with extra accountancy responsibilities.

Here at LM Accountants, we’re dedicated to helping self-employed hospitality workers as well as the establishments that employ them. Our team of chartered accountants has years of experience servicing the hospitality industry, making partnering with us an easy decision.

Our team are experts when it comes to hospitality-related accounting. We can help workers ensure they’re getting paid correctly and file self-assessments on their behalf, taking the stress out of tax season. We can also aid businesses in the hospitality sector with payroll duties and provide clarity on the tax implications of hiring self-employed workers. Furthermore, hospitality-based businesses tend to have complex books with a large number of invoices and expenses. This can make working out the finer points of a company’s financial performance rather difficult. However, our team can get the records organised in a concise manner to facilitate better financial decision-making.

Working with our team of professional accountants can reduce your tax liability, increase business productivity, and reduce the amount of time spent worrying about HMRC-related duties. We use leading software and accounting techniques in order to ensure 100% accuracy and eliminate the chance of an unexpected HMRC inquiry.

We provide bespoke accounting services tailored to your individual needs. To discuss how we can assist you, feel free to give us a call on 0800 861 1497, fill in our online enquiry form, or head over to our offices located in Bath for an in-person consultation.

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