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Successfully running a limited company isn’t easy. Although you get more freedom and control, you’ve got to manage clients, market your services/products, and ensure the business’s financials are in order. This takes away a lot of time that could be better spent in other areas. Therefore, working with an accountancy firm that takes the same amount of pride and care in its limited company accountancy services as you do, can be exactly what’s needed to help grow your business even further.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to achieve that elusive work-life balance they know they can have. That’s where we come in, LM Accountants offers professional and comprehensive limited company accountancy services that can drastically lessen the stress of running a limited company.

Here at LM Accountants, we have a dedicated team of limited company accountancy specialists to help lighten the load. We can provide expert support and advice to members of your team, massively opening up your schedule. Regardless of whether your limited company is established or just getting off the ground, we’ll be right by your side.

Every company is different, which is why our limited company accountancy services can be tailored specifically to your business. Because of this, we can better analyse the areas you could be saving money, in order to maximise profits and reduce tax liability. Our team will regularly monitor your finances, ensuring your limited company is compliant with the latest regulations. This, in combination with phenomenal customer support and an easy-to-reach team, helps make LM Accountants a huge asset to any limited company.

If you’d like to get in touch for a discussion about how we can benefit your limited company, you can reach us by either phone at 0800 861 1497, online enquiry form, or by popping into our offices conveniently located in Nottingham.

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